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Wainwright Energy Serves Wainwright and Its Trading Area

Wainwright Energy in Alberta is a privately owned and operated marketer that offers competitive Alberta electricity rates on supply for Wainwright and its trading area. According to its website, Wainwright Energy is committed to providing its service area residents with a competitively priced alternative to the three main electricity utilities. It claims it started marketing locally in order to show its respect and support to the military personnel, veterans and residents of Wainwright and its trading area.

Wainwright Energy in Alberta offers no commitment contracts

Wainwright Energy does not lock its customers in with a long-term contract. If a customer signs up with Wainwright Energy and decides that he or she is unhappy with the marketer, the customer can cancel supply without any termination fee. There is also no fee to sign up, so if a customer would like to try out a plan from this marketer, he or she can do so without the stress of potential fees associated with contract commitments.

Wainwright Energy Alberta electricity rates

Wainwright Energy offers fixed and floating supply rates for residents, farms and businesses in Wainwright and its trading area. Fixed rates are set rates that allow a resident, farm or business to pay the same rate per kWh for electricity supply. This means that no matter the time of year, the supply rate will remain the same. Fixed rates work well for customers who like to know exactly what they are paying per kWh for their electricity supply.

Floating supply rates are based upon the regulated market value of electricity. These rates vary daily and can be unpredictable but are a good fit for customers who prefer to pay the true market value of their electricity supply.

All customers are required to pay a security deposit in order to receive supply from Wainwright Energy. This security deposit pays out interest at 5% per annum. Customers who consume more than 2,500 kWh per month will accrue additional charges per kWh. This marketer also charges a fixed monthly administration fee that covers the costs of all administration tasks such as bill processing.

Deregulation gives customers options

Before deregulation, energy customers only had one choice when it came to their supply: the utility. While the utility is a reliable provider, sometimes its regulated rates are unpredictable. Deregulation in Alberta began in the mid-1980s with natural gas and eventually spread to electricity in the mid-1990s. Deregulation opens up the supply market, giving customers the ability to choose from a variety of marketers that offer competitive, alternative supply rates. If a customer is unhappy with his or her energy supply, he or she can shop around to find a rate that fits his or her needs. is here to lend a hand

Since deregulation, numerous marketers have appeared, offering an array of supply rates. Options are great but with so many, it can get overwhelming trying to pick an energy plan. That's why we're here. was designed to help you find a new energy marketer. Look around our site to see what marketers are available in Alberta. Then give us a call to talk about plans available to you. You have the ability to choose, why not get a plan that works for you?


Updated: 12-18-15.