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Vector Energy in Alberta Founded by Two Business Owners

Vector Energy is a retailing extension of the Utility Network Group, which as UTILITYnet has provided service to Alberta’s largest oil and gas and industrial companies plus thousands of farming professionals in Alberta’s Rural Electric Association Federation for over 30 years.

This energy supplier was founded in 2009 by two business owners in need of alternative energy suppliers in Alberta. Once Dave and Scott Birkby were able to retail their own power in Alberta’s deregulated system, they were eager to open to others. The growth of a competitive energy market with better pricing and service for consumers relies heavily on new retailers.

What’s the benefit of choosing Vector Energy?

Since the energy market in most of Alberta has been deregulated, energy retailers are able to buy electricity from the wholesale market and distribute it at competitive rates. You’re no longer limited to the regulated rate option, so you can do a company comparison and pick the energy provider that’s right for you. Vector Energy rates are competitive in the Alberta market. Customers can take advantage of easy switching and the convenience of automatic billing.

Vector Energy rates for energy supply

Review your options and find out how you can get the best supply rates in Alberta.

  • Floating Rate: If you choose a floating rate, your bill will vary from month to month depending on the actual AESO cost for energy.
  • Stable-Rate: The benefit of a stable-rate is that you’ll have the ability to budget wisely with a consistent monthly rate. Even with normal AESO energy cost increases, your rates will remain the same.

There’s no sign-up fee when you choose a provider. Plus, discover the benefits of automated billing, online banking and lower administration fees.

What’s on my Vector Energy bill?

There are a few major components that affect any energy bill:

The amount of energy you consume.

Everyone knows that using less energy can help you lower your monthly bill. Turning lights off in rooms that are not occupied, unplugging unused appliances and making sure your heating and air vents aren’t blocked are effective strategies to cut costs and limit your energy consumption.

Your retailer’s administration fees.

These fees cover data processing services from your retailer.

The cost of delivering energy to your home.

Regardless of the competitive retailer you choose, your energy service will be delivered by the same utility. Your retailer is billed for the service and includes the cost on your monthly bill. That’s why it’s easy to make the switch and choose the retailer with the best service and best rates for you.

Vector Energy and other suppliers offer more power for consumers like you

There are several energy suppliers available to choose from in Alberta’s deregulated market. A more competitive market puts more pressure on energy suppliers to offer lower rates and better service. Competitive retailers can purchase energy through long-term and short-term contracts with generation companies and often buy directly from the wholesale market, putting consumers closer than ever to wholesale prices.

Choosing a competitive provider that uses renewable energy can also help reduce your carbon footprint and prevent global warming. Renewable energy sources include biomass, hydro, wind power and more. It’s important to expand the market for renewable energy retailers and reduce our dependence on coal and other resources that are harmful to the environment.

Alberta’s deregulated market gives consumers the power to change the way you use energy. Compare energy providers in the area with, and choose the one that’s right for you.

Updated: 7-22-2015