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Spot Power Alberta Is an Electricity Marketer

Spot Power may be a relatively new company to the retail energy market but it traces its roots back to 1979 when its ancestor company, UTILITYnet, went into business with its Electrical Power Supervision System. The Electrical Power Supervision System is an energy management and utility billing validation application that was used by many utilities prior to energy deregulation and thereafter. UTILITYnet and its Electrical Power Supervision System have evolved over the years to meet business needs of major gas and oil companies. It began evolving into the retail market after energy deregulation, developing the Retail Invoice Settlement System for marketers. It wasn't until 2009 that Spot Power went into business – the result of UTILITYnet wanting to expand further into the retail electricity market.

Spot Power electricity rates for a market with energy deregulation

As a marketer, Spot Power Alberta offers alternative supply rates for power. In Alberta, it currently offers two types of rates and some exclusive options for special consumers, all with stable terms and no cancellation fee. This means that when a consumer signs up for a Spot Power electricity service, he or she will know how long the contractual period is and will not have to worry about being stuck with Spot Power if he or she decides the company is not for them.

  • Spot Power's stable-rate plans allow a customer to pay the same price per kWh for the term of his or her contract. Rates such as these are a good fit for consumers who prefer to know ahead of time what rate they will be paying for their supply.
  • Spot Power's floating rate plans are similar to the regulated rates of the utility. These rates fluctuate with the market value of electricity and have the potential to change often. Floating rates are a good option for consumers who prefer to pay the market price of the commodity but are unhappy with the utility.
  • Spot Power also offers special supply rates for seniors and farms. These rates cater to the needs of these specific customers and are only available to those who qualify.

Energy deregulation gives consumers options

When energy deregulation reached power in Alberta in the mid-1990s, consumers were given more options for their electricity supply. Prior to energy deregulation, consumers were limited to purchasing their electricity supply from the utility at regulated rates. These fluctuating rates aren't always the best fit for a home or business. Therefore, the government opened the market to competition and consumers can now choose from an array of competitive electricity companies in Alberta. details options

Energy deregulation has created so many options for supply that trying to find a plan that works for you can get confusing. was designed to help you assess your options. Our site details many of your options for supply. We also have a team of energy specialists waiting by the phone to discuss supply rates. We'd love to help you find an energy plan that matches your needs so give us a call!

Source: Updated: 12-10-15