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Sponsor Energy in Alberta Is a Different Option

Sponsor Energy is an Alberta energy marketer that offers both electricity and natural gas to the province. As expressed on its website, it believes in "harnessing the power of everyday energy consumption" to make communities stronger, healthier and safer. Sponsor Energy does this through its charitable approach to its Alberta energy profits and competitive supply rates.

Sponsor Energy in Alberta shares with the community

Sponsor Energy does more than supply Alberta energy. It makes an effort to better the community through a variety of efforts. By default, 50% of all profits from electricity usage are donated to a community partner of the customer's choosing. Customers can pick from an array of charities including food banks, cancer foundations, science networks and animal rescues. Without any additional fees, customers donate to their chosen community partner through their energy bill.

Sponsor Energy offers Alberta energy plans

Sponsor Energy electricity rates are an option for both residents and businesses in Alberta. Residential customers can choose from floating or fixed supply rates. Floating supply rates are based upon the true market value of electricity at the regulated rate, which varies daily.

Fixed rates are set supply rates that are guaranteed for the duration of a customer's energy contract. This means that a customer will pay the same rate per kWh each month for his or her electricity supply. Businesses are offered fixed rates, as well. However, business rates vary upon the size and energy usage of the company.

Sponsor Energy gas supply rates are available for larger businesses in the Alberta energy market. These energy contracts are backed by AtlasGas Ltd. However, there are plans to expand Sponsor Energy gas plan obtainability to all Alberta energy consumers.

Deregulation gives you options

When the Alberta energy market became deregulated, it opened up more options for energy customers. This began with natural gas in the mid-1980s and then electricity a decade later. Energy deregulation gives customers the ability to choose from a variety of marketers that offer alternative rates for energy supply. This means that if a customer is unhappy with his or her current supplier, he or she has the option to shop around and find a rate that works for him or her. is here to help

If you're shopping around for a new energy marketer, you've come to the right place. was designed to assist you in finding a plan that's right for you. Whether you are looking for electricity, gas or both, you can start your research by using our site. Read about the marketers that supply Alberta and then call an agent to discuss rates. Don't get overwhelmed and give up. Give a chance to help!


Updated: 12-17-15.