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SPARK Is a Member-Owned Alberta Electricity Supplier

SPARK is a member-owned retail Alberta electricity co-operative that is focused on green energy. According to its website, SPARK feels as though after electricity deregulation, Alberta had a clear deficit in retail electricity suppliers – there wasn't one truly focusing on green energy. SPARK wants to fill that gap, changing how Alberta energy is produced and encouraging all Alberta electricity be green energy.

Becoming a member of SPARK

As a member-owned Alberta energy co-operative, this Alberta electricity supplier allows its customers to invest in the company by becoming an owner through membership. Becoming a member is as easy as signing up online and costs $25. All SPARK members are entitled to a share of the profit after the initial 70% is reinvested in green energy projects. Members get to decide on their level of involvement within the company. They can sit back, pay their Alberta energy bill and collect their profit or even try to join the board of directors. Either way, members of SPARK will know that they are part of an effort to reduce Alberta energy's greenhouse gas emissions. If a member decides to leave this Alberta electricity supplier, he or she is entitled to a refund of the $25 membership fee.

Made-in-Alberta electricity from green energy

If a customer chooses to sign up for SPARK green energy, he or she has the option of choosing exactly where in Alberta this green energy is coming from. For instance, if there is a local solar, wind or biofuel electricity supplier that a customer would like to support, all he or she has to do is get the green energy micro-generation site registered with SPARK and it will take care of all of the paperwork. SPARK guarantees the customer's financial support is given directly to the specified green energy micro-generation site.

Let help you choose

Because of electricity deregulation, there are a lot of electricity suppliers other than SPARK. In Alberta, electricity deregulation has given consumers the power to choose what company they purchase their supply from. This lets consumers find a rate that works for their household or business. was created to aid consumers when looking for a new Alberta energy supplier. We've done some of your homework – read the site to understand which suppliers are available in your town. If you'd like to chat about plans, give us a ring and one of our energy specialists will be happy to help. Electricity deregulation allows you to get a supply rate that works for you. Take up the opportunity and make sure your rate fits your needs.

Source: Updated: 12-10-15