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SOLARMAX Power in Alberta Is Focused on Sustainability

SOLARMAX Power is part of Landmark Group of Builders, an Alberta-based organization that has been recognized for its effort toward sustainability. Not only does this marketer provide alternative Alberta electricity rates to residents, it also offers the design and installation of a solar power system through its program SOLARMAX Power. 

A growing organization involved in the community

Landmark Group of Builders is an organization dedicated to sustainable development while providing solutions for its customers. Its first priority is building homes; however, according to its website, its curiosity has led it to expand and continue to grow. Through this expansion, this organization began to promote energy efficiency at competitive electric rates by creating an electric marketer, Landmark Power.

As a part of Landmark Group of Builders, SOLARMAX Power in Alberta makes contributions to the community. From financial donations and partnership programs for creating innovations in medicine and home building, to supporting the arts community and hospitals, SOLARMAX Power is involved in the community. It also makes a yearly home donation to Habitat for Humanity, as well as contributes "sweat equity" by volunteering time to construct "Habitat Houses."

SOLARMAX Power electric rates

This marketer offers its customers two types of electric rates: floating and fixed. If a customer wants a fixed supply rate, he or she has two choices: a higher fixed supply rate without a security deposit or a lower fixed supply rate with a security deposit. It also offers a lower fixed supply rate for those who have been referred by another customer. This referral supply rate also requires a security deposit. All security deposits for electric rates have a 3% interest payout to the customer. There is no start-up fee and supply can be cancelled or switched to a different marketer with no termination fee.

SOLARMAX Power solar options

Being part of a group of companies focused on sustainability has led this marketer to take on more than just utility supply. It also offers a solar option. This option allows this marketer to convert a home or business into an energy producer by designing and installing a solar panel system. Customers have the ability to choose basic solar setups or more complex systems that involve more panels, thus producing more power.

If a customer's solar system does not produce enough electricity for the home, he or she will not have to worry. SOLARMAX Power will then supplement its customer's energy supply using power from the utility grid, charging market electric rates. However, if a customer produces more electricity than needed, it will be sold at market electric rates and he or she will, in return, receive a credit for the grid contribution. A solar investment, such as this, would keep customers from having to worry as much about their Alberta electricity rates.

The freedom of deregulated electric rates

Following deregulation, Alberta customers were given the ability to choose who supplies their energy. This started with gas in the mid-1980s and extended to electricity in the mid-1990s. Deregulation opened these markets and gave consumers the option to choose a marketer to supply their energy at alternative electric rates. The utility remains the same. However, marketers offer alternative supply rates that could be a better fit for a customer. If you're looking into switching marketers, read through and give us a call. You might find electric rates that work better for you.


Updated: 12-15-15.