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Relay Energy in Alberta's Customers Are Its Neighbours

Relay Energy is a locally owned and operated marketer for the greater Calgary area. As stated on its website, Relay Energy became an Alberta electricity marketer to give its neighbours a local option. It also attempts to make a positive contribution to the community it serves by creating savings on electricity in Alberta and supporting local sports organizations for children.

Relay Energy in Alberta supports kids' sports

This marketer not only supplies electricity in Alberta. Relay Energy has a very specific focus when it comes to community contributions. This Alberta electricity marketer donates to children's sports organizations. Most notably, it makes regular donations to KidSport Calgary, an organization that assists children who have financial barriers to sports participation.

Relay Energy also partners with local minor sports organizations. Parents of children in minor sports teams, clubs or associations can register for minor sports partnerships and receive a referral code to fundraise. Relay Energy also uses this charitable effort as a marketing technique. This Alberta electricity marketer does not advertise. It relies on the teams, clubs and associations it helps support to spread the word for them.

Relay Energy's Alberta electricity rates

This Alberta electricity marketer only supplies Calgary and surrounding communities, although it has plans to expand to all of Alberta. Its Alberta electricity rates on supply are available to both businesses and residents in its service area. Residents and businesses can choose between a stable or dynamic rate.

  • Stable Alberta electricity rates allow customers to pay a fixed amount per kWh for the duration of their contract. To get these fixed rates, customers may be required to put down a security deposit. These supply rates are popular among customers who prefer consistency.
  • Dynamic rates are based upon the Alberta electricity market value per kWh. These floating rates fluctuate with the market and vary from day to day. Dynamic rates would be a good option for a home or business that likes to pay the true market value for electricity supply.

Deregulation can benefit consumers

Before deregulation, Alberta electricity supply was only available from one source. Residents were only able to purchase their energy supply from the utility at its regulated rate. When the natural gas market opened up in the mid-1980s, customers were given the ability to purchase supply from marketers with alternative rates. Electricity followed suit and was deregulated in the mid-1990s. If a customer is tired of his or her current supplier, in a deregulated market, he or she can shop around for a different supply rate that better fits his or her needs. can help you choose

There are so many marketers out there, how do you know which one to choose? Alberta electricity plans can be confusing, so why not reach out for help while shopping around? is here to assist you in making the best decision for you. Peruse our site and read about the marketers in Alberta. Then make the call to talk about rates. You never know if you're getting the right plan for you until you do your research.


Updated: 12-17-15.