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Ponoka Owns its Electrical Wires

The town of Ponoka handles electrical distribution for consumers who live in its service area. However, its regulated rates are provided by ENMAX Power Corporation. ENMAX Power Corporation is a regulated electrical service provider and a key player in the Alberta electricity and gas market. Along with its own services, ENMAX provides regulated supply rates for a handful of smaller utilities, such as Ponoka. Although Ponoka owns the distribution system, to set up utility service at regulated rates, consumers in Ponoka must contact ENMAX. If Ponoka energy consumers are not fond of the utility's fluctuating regulated rates, thanks to deregulation, they have the ability to shop the competitive electricity and natural gas markets to find supply plans that work for their homes and businesses.

Deregulation gives Alberta consumers options

Before Alberta deregulation, consumers only had one choice for a natural gas or electrical service provider – the utility. Now that the electricity and gas markets are deregulated, consumers have the ability to shop the markets and find a rate that works for them. This began in the mid-1980s with the natural gas market and the electrical market followed suit in the 1990s when it, too, opened to competition. As a result of deregulation, many competitive energy marketers formed, all offering alternative plans for consumers.

What to do in an electrical emergency

Even if you are purchasing your energy supply from a marketer, if you are experiencing an electrical issue such as a power outage, downed line or flickering lights, you must contact the utility for assistance. This is because, regardless of who you purchase your supply from, you are still a customer of the utility and it remains in charge of infrastructure maintenance. To report an electrical issue, please contact the number below.

To report electrical issues: 310-2010

For a life-threatening electrical emergency: Dial 9-1-1 can help you choose

Finding the right electrical service provider can easily become a hefty task. Deregulation gives you so many options that trying to choose between plans can involve more research than you would expect. understands. That's why we've done some of your homework by detailing options in your area. Browse our site to learn about what utilities and marketers offer supply in the Alberta area. If you're interested in discussing plans, pick up the phone and we can chat. Living in a deregulated market gives you options. Make sure you have the best plan for you.


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