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Peace Power in Alberta Serves Peace Country

Peace Power is a local Grande Prairie marketer that supplies the North Alberta Peace Country and is a member of the Utility Network of Independent Retailers. As stated in its website, Peace Power's ultimate vision is to become a household name in the Peace Region, known for improving the customer's return while investing in needy and disadvantaged residents. Its mission is to operate with transparency and integrity while giving back to the community it serves and its ultimate goal is to allow customers to save money on their power bill while contributing to the greater good of the community.

Peace Power in Alberta is a part of Peace Country

Based in Grande Prairie, Peace Power is a part of the region it supplies. Peace Country is a region that surrounds the Peace River and extends from Alberta to British Columbia. From prairies to the Boreal Forest to the Rocky Mountains, it has diverse topography and is known for its lovely scenery. It is also the most northern region of Canada suitable for agriculture. Peace Power is located in and supplies the Alberta portion of this region.

Peace Power rates of supply

Peace Power offers Alberta electricity rates on supply for residents and businesses alike. Consumers are offered two types of supply rates: fixed and floating. Fixed rates allow a customer to pay a set rate per kWh for his or her supply during the duration of his or her contract. This marketer gives both residents and businesses two options for a fixed supply rate: a higher supply rate without a security deposit and a lower rate with a security deposit. If a customer does not want to sign up for a fixed rate, floating rates are available, as well. Floating rates are based upon the regulated market price of electricity. These Alberta electricity rates vary from day to day. Peace Power's floating rate is the market price plus $.01 per kWh.

Peace Power rates on supply also include prices exclusively for nonprofit organizations and senior citizens. These supply rates are lower to create a more feasible budget for these types of customers and are available only to those who qualify.

Deregulation in Peace Country

Like most of Alberta, Peace Country has a deregulated energy market. The natural gas market was the first to deregulate in the mid-1980s. Electricity didn't become deregulated until the mid-1990s, about a decade later. Deregulation means customers have the ability to choose a marketer for their energy supply if they want to. The beauty of this is that marketers offer competitive Alberta electricity rates on supply, giving customers the opportunity to shop around for the lowest or most convenient supply rate for them. can lend a hand

Since deregulation, many marketers have popped up, providing various alternative rates for energy customers. Because of this, shopping around can become overwhelming. was designed to help take some of the stress off while trying to find a supply rate that works for you. Browse our site to read about competitive supplies. Then call us to discuss a plan that's right for you. Take advantage of you right to choose and get a rate that works for you!


Updated: 12-17-15.