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Park Power in Alberta Is a Local Option

Park Power is a local energy marketer located in Sherwood Park. It offers competitive electricity rates on supply for residents of the greater Edmonton area. According to its site, it became an energy marketer so it could give Edmonton area residents and businesses the ability to support the local economy by paying their energy bill. Since Alberta has a deregulated energy market, Park Power is one of many marketers that customers can choose for their energy supply.

Park Power cares for the community

On its website, Park Power claims that it strives to better the community to which it supplies electricity. It attempts this through its competitive electricity rates on supply, as well as community initiatives. Park Power creates partnerships with charitable organizations and allows its customers to contribute to charity through the profit gained.

Park Power partners with:

  • The Boys and Girls Club of Strathcona County, an organization that provides after-school and camp enrichment for youth.
  • The altView Foundation for Gender Variant and Sexual Minorities, an organization that fights against the isolation of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people through education and advocacy.
  • The Festival Place Cultural Arts Foundation, a foundation supporting area art through grants, promotion and collaboration with community groups and schools.

Park Power electricity rates

Park Power in Alberta offers residential and business electricity rates. Both residential and business customers have two options for Park Power electricity supply rates: fixed or dynamic. Fixed supply rates allow customers to pay the same electricity rates per kWh for the duration of their plan. No matter the season, customers will be able to know how much they are paying per kWh. Residential customers have the option of putting down a security deposit to get a lower fixed supply rate, while businesses are required to do so. Plans such as these are a good fit for customers who prefer regularity.

Dynamic rates are electricity rates based upon the current market value of the energy. Dynamic electricity rates are determined by regulated supply rates that can vary from day to day. These supply rates would work for a customer who prefers paying the true market value of his or her energy.

Park Power also offers exclusive electricity rates for senior citizens of the community, as well as nonprofit organizations. These supply rates are lower to accommodate the fixed budgets of these types of customers.

Deregulation gives you the ability to choose

In the mid-1980s, the Alberta natural gas market deregulated. This was followed by the electricity market in the mid-1990s. As these markets opened up, customers were given the ability to shop around for their energy supply. As a result, numerous companies became energy marketers, offering both residents and businesses alternative natural gas and electricity rates on supply.

Because there are so many marketers, it may be overwhelming when a customer is shopping around for a competitive supply rate. That's where we come in. was designed to help the consumer understand what's available in his or her area. Browse our site then give us a ring to discuss rates. With the ability to choose who supplies your energy, there's no reason why you shouldn't have a plan that's right for you.



Updated: 12-16-15.