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Northern Lights Energy and Power Supplies Alberta Electricity

This North Central Alberta competitive energy provider is locally owned and operated. According to its website, its goal is to provide local North Central Alberta residents and businesses with an energy solution. It does this through offering competitive energy plans for both residents and businesses within North Central Alberta.

NLEP is owned by North Parkland Power REA Ltd., an energy provider that has been providing Alberta electricity to rural North Central Alberta since 2000. However, non-rural marketing is the focus of NLEP. Energy in Alberta is deregulated, meaning that you can choose from a variety of marketers with different supply rates, such as this competitive energy provider.

Northern Lights Energy and Power supports its community

As stated on its website, taking care of the community it serves is one of the goals of NLEP. Energy in Alberta is a service this competitive energy provider uses to make money as well as stimulate the local economy while making investments in other projects. For instance, in October 2014, this Alberta electricity marketer was awarded title sponsorship of Thorhild & District Agricultural Society, an Alberta agricultural based society that owns and operates a recreational facility.

This recreational facility is a staple of the community, providing Alberta Minor League Hockey with a regulation-sized, artificial ice arena and space for various local dance organizations. In order to receive title sponsorship, this Alberta electricity supplier provided enough funding to support the centre for five years, saving the facility from potentially closing.

NLEP Alberta electricity supply rates

This competitive energy provider offers supply rates to both residents and businesses. Residents have the option of choosing between two types of Alberta electricity supply rates: fixed or floating. Fixed supply rates give the customer the ability to pay the same supply rate per kWh no matter what the regulated rates are at the time. This means that in the dead of winter, a customer will be paying the same per kWh as he or she is in the summer. These plans are great for customers who like consistency.

For residential customers who like Alberta electricity regulated rates, floating rates are also an option. Floating rates are based upon the market value of electricity at the regulated supply rate and vary. If a customer is tired of his or her current competitive energy provider but would still prefer to pay the Alberta electricity market price, these supply rates may be a good option.

Businesses also have options from this competitive energy provider. However, in order to receive supply rates, businesses must contact this Alberta electricity marketer directly.

Deregulation gives energy customers options

This is only one competitive energy provider for Alberta electricity supply. There are plenty to choose from since deregulation occurred and opened up the market. While it may seem overwhelming shopping for a competitive energy provider, we can take some of the stress off of you by helping you do your homework. Browse around to see what marketers are in your area; then call in to discover plans in your area. If you have the ability to choose, why not find a supply rate that works best for you?


Updated: 12-15-15.