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NewGen Energy in Alberta Is Another Option

NewGen Energy has been licensed to sell Alberta electricity supply since 2009. The company offers a variety of Alberta electricity plans for the consumer in the province's deregulated electricity market.

NewGen Energy lets customers refer their friends

Like some other Alberta electricity marketers in the deregulated electricity market, NewGen Energy in Alberta offers its customers a reward for referring their friends. This marketer's referral rebate program gives back to its current customer as well as the new customer. Their rebates come in the form of a check, mailed out to both customers after the Alberta electricity marketer switch has been finalized.

NewGen Energy makes switching easier

With deregulated electricity in Alberta, customers have a variety of marketers to choose from, each with different incentives. This Alberta electricity marketer makes switching easy. If a customer decides that NewGen Energy has the best supply rates, all he or she has to do is fill out the application for his or her home or business. NewGen Energy will do the footwork by contacting the current Alberta electricity marketer and completing the switch.

Rate options for a deregulated electricity market

Deregulated electricity is all about opportunities. This Alberta electricity marketer offers an array of supply rates for small business electricity. Depending upon the business type, it may offer special supply rates. For instance, nonprofit plans are offered at a lower supply rate. Agriculture and construction business plans also come at a different supply rate.

Regular small business electricity is offered in two types of supply rates: fixed or floating. Fixed supply rate plans include two options: a lower rate with a security deposit or a higher rate with no deposit down. Floating rates require no security deposit and are contingent upon regulated market value, which varies from day to day. NewGen Energy also offers deregulated electricity supply rates for larger businesses but customers must contact the company to get a custom supply rate quote.

Residential customers are offered fixed Alberta electricity supply rates. These rates are similar to that of regular small businesses, with or without a security deposit. NewGen Energy also offers special rates for senior citizens. can help you choose

If you're shopping around for a residential or small business electricity supplier, can help. In a deregulated electricity market, there are many marketers to choose from. Instead of getting overwhelmed doing the research on your own, look through our site to get to know your options and give us a call to discuss rates. Alberta has a deregulated electricity market; take advantage of it!


Updated: 12-15-15.