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Merit Energy and Power Serves Rural Alberta Communities

Since 2000, this marketer has been a competitive Alberta energy provider for eastern Alberta's rural communities. Located in Vegreville, its employees are residents of the area it serves and thus have a special understanding of rural Alberta energy customers. This marketer is owned by Lakeland Rural Electrification Association Ltd., the utility for the area. Lakeland Rural Electrification Association is an amalgamation of rural electrification associations that were once smaller Alberta energy producers in the rural community.

Understanding rural Alberta energy

When the construction of electricity distribution began in the early 1900s, the big cities paid no mind to the rural communities. This led to the 1947 formation of the rural electrification associations by farmers who wanted to bring electricity to their communities. Rural electrification associations and their members constructed their own distribution system because larger Alberta energy utilities were not interested in expanding to rural areas. These small utilities covered the greater rural area of Alberta before deregulation.

Merit Energy and Power Alberta energy rates

This competitive Alberta energy provider offers two types of rates for its residential customers. Floating rates that follow the regulated market price of electricity are available for customers who do not want to have a long commitment. For customers who do not care for the variability of regulated, floating rates, they have the option of choosing a fixed supply rate plan, which will guarantee a certain price per kWh for the duration of their plan. Fixed supply rate plans require a customer to sign a no-penalty contract. There is no sign-up fee and if a customer decides to cancel service, all he or she has to do is give 10 days' notice and there will be no termination fee.

Alberta energy deregulation in the rural communities

Following deregulation, small rural electrification associations were forced to cope. To do so, they combined to form larger companies which would, in turn, create an easier deregulated Alberta energy market for rural electricity supply. Lakeland Rural Electrification Association Ltd. formed in 2000 when four small utilities partnered together. In 2001, it began to take on its own power linemen instead of hiring contractors. Over the following few years, Lakeland Rural Electrification Association Ltd. joined with several other utilities and by 2007, seven rural electrification associations in eastern Alberta had combined to form the Lakeland Rural Electrification Association Ltd. we know today.

What Alberta energy deregulation means for you

Deregulation gives consumers the ability to choose who supplies their energy. It began in Alberta in the mid-1980s with gas. The electricity market opened up about a decade later. This led to various marketers forming to give customers more options when it comes to supply rates. Instead of having to pay regulated rates from the utility, customers can sign up for other supply rates such as fixed, floating or flat price plans that charge them a certain amount per month if they fall within the usage range. is here to help

Considering switching to a different marketer? is here to lend a hand. Browse our site to see what marketers are in Alberta and then call to learn about plans in your region. You wouldn't want to miss out on getting the best deal for you. Why not let us try to help?


Updated: 12-18-15.