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Alberta Energy Providers > City of Lethbridge

City of Lethbridge Is a Utility Provider

Residents and businesses of Lethbridge have the option of choosing regulated electricity rates from the City of Lethbridge utility. City of Lethbridge is the utility and therefore was the only option prior to Alberta energy deregulation. This utility offers regulated rates to consumers in its service area but is only one option when it comes to electricity supply now that the Alberta energy market is open to competition. Thanks to deregulation, Lethbridge power may now be supplied by the City of Lethbridge utility or an alternative electricity provider.

Lethbridge electricity is the responsibility of this utility

City of Lethbridge electricity will always be the product delivered by the utility regardless of the supplier. Since Alberta has a deregulated energy market, consumers have the ability to purchase their supply from an alternative energy marketer. Alternative energy marketers provide competitive supply rates for energy consumers in their service area. They do not provide delivery, as this is left to the utility, meaning that no matter the Lethbridge power supplier, customers will still rely on this utility for the delivery of the commodity. This is the same in any deregulated energy market. Utility providers distribute the energy to all consumers at a regulated rate set by the Alberta Utilities Commission.

Not only does this utility handle the distribution of Lethbridge power, it also maintains electricity infrastructure. If a Lethbridge power consumer experiences a power outage, he or she should contact this utility for assistance. This also includes any other power emergency such as a downed line. If any Lethbridge power emergency occurs, a customer of any energy supplier should notify the utility, not the supplier they purchase their energy from.

Lethbridge electricity consumers have the power to choose their supplier

Utility providers are no longer the only option for residents and businesses in most of Alberta. In Lethbridge, electricity consumers can choose from an array of competitive energy marketers that may have a supply rate that is more fitting for a consumer's energy needs. Because City of Lethbridge is the utility, it only offers supply rates regulated by the Alberta Utilities Commission. Rates such as these reflect the true market value of Lethbridge electricity and can fluctuate often. If a customer of this utility does not prefer regulated rates, he or she can shop around for an energy plan that meets his or her needs. details options

If you are a Lethbridge power consumer, you have the power to choose your energy supplier. Make sure you are getting a supply rate that fits the needs of your household of business. Peruse to get an idea of what energy marketers are options for Lethbridge electricity supply. After that, give us a ring to talk plans. You have nothing to lose – be sure you are getting the best plan for you.

Updated: 12-10-2015