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Just Energy Hinton Provides Competitive Energy Rates

Just Energy is a marketer that offers Hinton electricity and Hinton gas supply rates, as well as green energy product options. Founded in 1997, Just Energy has been providing competitive energy rates in Hinton for more than two decades. This marketer also offers electricity and/or natural gas supply in Ontario, New York and Texas, as well as more than a dozen other markets. Just Energy also offers green energy products in Alberta.

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Just Energy Hinton gas and Hinton electricity rates

As a marketer, Just Energy offers alternative rates that may be a better fit for your household or business. These competitive energy rates are offered in two forms for consumers of electricity and natural gas in Hinton. Customers of any Just Energy Hinton plan can add the JustGreen option to their plan and offset up to 100% of their energy usage in renewable energy.

  • Stable-rate plans for Hinton electricity and natural gas allow customers to pay the same amount per kWh or GJ for the duration of their plan. Plans such as these give customers the ability to guard themselves from fluctuating rates. No matter the market value, a customer under a stable-rate plan will pay the same rate per energy unit.
  • Predict-a-Bill™ is Just Energy's flat-rate plan for Hinton gas and electricity. A flat-rate plan sets a monthly price for energy usage. A Predict-a-Bill™ plan is a great option for households and businesses that like to secure their budget.

Alberta deregulation gives consumers options

Before deregulation, Hinton electricity and natural gas consumers could only purchase their energy supply from the utility at regulated rates. While the utility provides reliable service, these regulated rates can change often and may not be the best fit for a consumer's budget. The Hinton gas market deregulated in the mid-1980s and the electricity market opened in the mid-1990s to allow competitive supply rates from marketers. Hinton electricity and natural gas consumers can now shop around the marketplace to find a supply rate that better fits the criteria of their home or business' budget. has done your homework

While an open energy market allows a customer to find a rate that works for him or her, it can often get overwhelming trying to shop around. There are many marketers out there – all with different rates. Where does one even begin? has started you off by doing some of your homework for you. Our site gives an overview of the different utilities and marketers that offer service in your area. Browse around to get an idea of what's out there. Then, give us a call and one of our energy specialists can help guide you toward a plan that meets your needs.

Source: Updated: 12-10-15

Just Energy Residential Plans start at just $0.0729 /kwH.