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Get Energy: An Alberta Electricity Retailer

Get Energy is a boutique electric retailer that is located in the regional municipality of Wood Buffalo. It provides electricity to not only Wood Buffalo, but the entire province of Alberta. According to its website, Get Energy's mission is to save consumers money on electricity rates and have a strategic global partnership that provides a way for its customers to earn an income that could potentially pay for their energy bill. Customers of Get Energy can sign up for stable or floating rates and special rates are available for farm and senior customers.

Alberta electricity is deregulated

The majority of the Alberta electricity market is deregulated. This gives consumers options when it comes to choosing a supplier. Alberta electricity deregulation occurred in the mid-1990s, nearly a decade after natural gas became deregulated. Deregulation opened the market to competition among energy suppliers. Instead of being required to purchase energy supply from the utility at regulated rates, consumers can now find a rate from a natural gas or electric retailer that may better fit their needs.

Contact the utility to report a power issue

Even if consumers purchase their supply from a competitive Alberta electricity retailer, in the event of a power issue, they should not contact it. Consumers should contact the utility that provides distribution to their home. This is because the utility remains the wire service provider, meaning it is in charge of upkeep of the distribution system. Therefore, if your home is without power, or you are experiencing another type of power emergency, competitive electric retailers cannot help but the utility can. If you are experiencing a life-threatening power emergency, make sure to dial 9-1-1 before getting in touch with the utility. did your homework

Living in a deregulated market can be a double-edged sword. On one side, you are not stuck with the utility's supply rates. You have many options when it comes to your energy supply rates, and there are plenty of retailers to choose from. On the other side, learning about the competitive energy companies that offer supply in your area is a task in itself – and that's not even getting into rates. understands and is here to assist you while you are looking for a new energy plan for your home or business. Peruse our site to see what retailers and utilities offer supply in Alberta. If you're interested in discussing rates, give us a call and one of our energy specialists will be happy to help. Take advantage of your deregulated market and get a rate that works for you.

Source: Updated: 2-23-15.