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Fortis Alberta Is an Electrical Distribution Wire Service Provider

Fortis Alberta is a large utility that provides electrical distribution in Alberta. As a utility, or wire service provider, Fortis Alberta owns, operates and maintains its electrical distribution wires. This utility serves 200 communities across Alberta and has more than half a million residential, business and farm customers throughout the province. While Fortis Alberta maintains all of the wires and provides electrical distribution, it does not directly offer regulated rates. Its customers must purchase regulated supply rates through ENMAX. If a customer does not want to receive regulated rates, he or she can find a competitive retailer that offers a supply rate that better meets the needs of his or her home or business.

Deregulation in Alberta lets consumers choose a supplier

While residents of Alberta are assigned to a wire service provider that provides electrical distribution, such as Fortis Alberta, they are not required to purchase their supply at regulated rates from it. When the Alberta electricity market became deregulated in the 1990s, consumers were given the option to choose from a variety of suppliers. This is because deregulation opened the electricity market to competition and, as a result, marketers offering supply came into business, providing alternative rates for consumers to choose from. For instance, if consumers are not a fan of fluctuating regulated rates, they can now find a set rate per kWh to purchase their electricity. Energy consumers throughout the majority of Alberta have the freedom to choose what supplier they purchase energy from.

In a power outage, contact the utility

Even if Fortis Alberta customers are purchasing supply from a marketer, in the event of a power outage or other electrical issue, they must contact the utility. While marketers offer supply rates to consumers, they do not handle any of the wire maintenance. No matter who a customer is purchasing electricity from, if he or she is a part of the Fortis Alberta electrical distribution area, it will remain his or her wire service provider. As a result, any issues associated with electricity lines or distribution must be reported directly to the utility at the number below.

To report an outage or other electrical issue: 310-WIRE

To report a life-threatening power emergency: Dial 9-1-1 was designed to help

At, we know how much work goes into finding a supply rate that's right for your home or business. That's why we've started your research by highlighting the many supply options you have as a resident of Alberta. Explore our site to read about your utility and marketers that offer supply rates in your area. Then, if you'd like to discuss plans, give us a ring and one of our energy specialists will be happy to help you find a plan that fits your energy needs.

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