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The Town of Fort MacLeod Electrical Group Is an Electrical Utility

Like some other areas in Alberta, the town of Fort MacLeod owns and operates its own electrical wires. For the majority of Fort MacLeod, The Town of Fort MacLeod Electrical Group is the electrical utility. This means that, as a utility, Fort MacLeod provides electrical distribution for residents of the town in its service area. However, Fort MacLeod does not directly provide regulated rates for its customers. Customers of this utility's electrical distribution who would like regulated supply rates must purchase them through ENMAX. Thanks to deregulation, consumers who prefer alternative rates may purchase their electricity supply from a marketer.

Deregulation gives Alberta consumers the freedom to choose

The Alberta electricity market became deregulated in the 1990s. Before deregulation, consumers were only given one option when it came to electricity supply rates – the electrical utility. Deregulation opened the electrical market and created competition.  The utility remains in charge of electrical distribution. However, if a consumer does not prefer regulated supply rates, he or she has the ability to shop around for an electricity plan that better suits his or her needs. Competitive marketers offer alternative, unregulated rates. These electrical companies compete with each other in an attempt to offer attractive options for consumers.

Who to contact in the case of a power emergency

No matter if a consumer is purchasing his or her supply from the utility or a marketer, to report a power issue such as an outage, flickering lights or downed line, he or she must contact the utility. This is because the utility owns and operates all of the wires and is responsible for repairs. In the event of a Fort MacLeod electrical emergency, dial 9-11. To report an outage or another electrical issue, contact the electrical utility at the phone number below.

Toll free: 1-877-571-7111 did the research

Trying to find the best electricity plan for you can become confusing. With so many plans out there, how are you to know what is best for your home or business? was developed to assist you in researching your options. Residents of Alberta can browse our site to understand the utilities and marketers that offer service in your area. If you're interested in discussing available plans, pick up the phone and give us a call. Let us assist you in finding an energy plan that's right for you.


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