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E. NRG Power: Energy for Alberta Homes and Businesses

Consider E. NRG PowerCorp. when you’re trying to decide which electricity retailer is perfect for your Alberta household or business. The company's currently expanding and competing in Alberta's unregulated energy markets.

The company is owned and operated locally, a fact of which the business is particularly proud. This retailer believes that staying local helps it better serve the community. The family-owned business strives to provide top-notch customer support without a large overhead charge. This way, E. NRG Power is able to offer terrific service at supply rates that might be lower than those of its competitors.

E. NRG Power electricity customers have a variety of options

You might be drawn to the company’s lack of signup and cancellation fees. E. NRG Power electricity customers get to experience the convenience of direct debit billing as well. Instead of having to deal with the hassle of writing a check or repeatedly having to enter your information, E. NRG Power will automatically withdraw your payment from your debit account. Clients also get to partake in electronic invoicing. Your bill will be emailed to you each month in an easy-to-read format.

Floating rates

E. NRG Power Corp. offers customers the option of floating rates. These costs for energy reflect the monthly market price for energy. With a floating rate, your monthly electricity supply rate will reflect either the currently rising or declining demand for energy in Alberta.

Stable rates

Stable rates are useful if the constantly changing price for energy makes you uneasy. You can choose a stable-rate for your electricity. With this kind of energy plan, you agree to pay a secure rate each month for the duration of your contract. This type of rate is useful if you desire greater predictability when it comes to your energy bill. If you know how much electricity you use each month and your supply rate is secure, you can plan your monthly budget around how much you predict you will spend on electricity.

The Micro Gen Rebate

E. NRG Power electricity customers who produce power get paid a contract rate for the energy they make. This rate is calculated per kilowatt hour of power supplied to the grid. This program is to encourage the production of clean energy. The Electricity Act and the Alberta Utilities Commission Rule 024 allow Alberta residents to make their own ecofriendly electricity via green means. Albertans were granted permission to generate electricity using solar panels, small hydro, wind, biomass, micro-cogeneration and fuel cells. In turn, customers who add energy to the Alberta grid receive credit for their energy account.

An E. NRG Power electricity plan is one of your many options in Alberta; you should check out others at Alberta Electricity Providers. Deciding to sign up with a different company is easy, whether you’re switching to a different retailer or choosing to not purchase energy from your utility for the first time. Your power will remain constant, so you’ll experience no gaps in service. Your utility, or wires company, will continue to transport energy to you as it always has. This way, you can expect the same quality of service, regardless of which supplier you choose.

Updated: 7-22-2015