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ENMAX Power Corporation, a Calgary Utility

ENMAX Power Corporation is the utility company under the umbrella of ENMAX. This utility operates in Calgary, providing electricity to the city and surrounding areas. ENMAX Power Corporation offers delivery, infrastructure maintenance and default supply service. Therefore, if a consumer does not sign up for supply from a competitive energy supplier, he or she will receive electricity supply from ENMAX Power Corporation at the regulated rate. The regulated rate option for gas is not available through this utility, as it is only an electric utility.

The history of ENMAX Power Corporation in Alberta

ENMAX traces its roots to December 2, 1905, when Calgary began operating its own electric system: The City of Calgary Electric System. This electric utility generated its own power through several coal-fired power plants but began to purchase additional power from the Alberta Electric System Operator after the 1995 Electric Utilities Act opened the market to competition.

Following the deregulation of the electricity market in the mid-1990s, The City of Calgary Electric System became a wholly owned subsidiary of the City of Calgary, creating the ENMAX Power Corporation and beginning its operations in Calgary in 1998 as ENMAX Power. ENMAX Power now provides competitive procurement, engineering, maintenance and construction services throughout its service territory. can help you

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Source: Updated: 12-15-15.