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Echo Energy Is a Unique Retailer

The mission of Echo Energy in Alberta is to better the community it serves. It fulfils this task through a special approach to energy marketing. Operating in and serving the local Lacombe area, this marketer offers competitive Alberta electricity rates and uses all profits to directly benefit the community. If a customer chooses this electricity supplier, all of the proceeds from the supply rate will be directly deposited into the Echo Lacombe Community Fund.

What is the Echo Lacombe Community Fund?

The Echo Lacombe Community Fund is an account where proceeds from Echo Energy's supply rates are deposited to be held until the money is needed to fund a community project within the city of Lacombe. This reserve was designed to provide funding for various community-improvement projects around the Lacombe area through the profits gained by Echo Energy.

An easy way to support the community

Choosing Echo Energy gives residents of Lacombe the ability to directly support the community and improve quality of life simply by paying their electricity bill. Since everyone has to pay for energy, Echo Energy has taken a philanthropist approach by allowing any profits to be designated for community improvement.

Echo Energy in Alberta offers market or fixed rates

Echo Energy offers two types of rates for both its residential and small business customers. If a customer prefers to pay market value, he or she can sign up for floating rates. Its floating rates are the spot market price plus 1 cent. However, if a customer is tired of market rates, he or she can choose one of this supplier's fixed rate plans, which also include a lower supply rate option for senior residents. As well as a supply rate, Echo Energy also charges its customers a small administration fee per metered site. This fee covers all administrative costs such as bill processing.

Competitive Alberta electricity rates without a long-term contract

If a customer decides to switch from this supplier, there is no termination fee, meaning customers are not locked into a long-term contract. There is no sign-up fee but a security deposit may be needed for customers to begin receiving supply from this marketer. This security deposit varies upon the type of customer: residential, senior residential or small business.

How deregulation gives you the freedom to choose

Deregulation began in Alberta with the gas market in the mid-1980s. About 10 years later, the electricity market opened up as well. Deregulation gives energy customers the ability to choose who their supply comes from. The utility remains the same, meaning that electricity or gas will still come from the same source and lines. The difference is, customers can choose from a variety of marketers that offer competitive, alternative supply rates that may be a better fit for their home or business. can help you do your research. Our site offers information on all of the energy providers in Alberta. Browse around and then pick up the phone to discuss rates. With the energy market deregulated, it would be silly not to know you are getting the best plan for you.


Updated: 12-18-15.