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Understand Electricity in the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass

Crowsnest Pass offers electrical distribution services for a portion of the municipality. The remaining area is under the wire service territory of Fortis Alberta. For the area that is serviced by the Crowsnest Pass utility, the municipality owns and operates the wires service but does not offer a regulated rate option. If a consumer in the Crowsnest Pass utility service area would prefer to purchase supply at the regulated utility rate, he or she must go through ENMAX. Residents of Crowsnest Pass who are under the wire service territory of Fortis Alberta should contact EPCOR for a regulated rate option.

Crowsnest Pass competitive electrical service providers offer supply rates

Residents have the ability to choose a competitive electrical service provider regardless of whether they are a part of Crowsnest Pass or Fortis Alberta wire services. This is because the majority of Alberta has a deregulated energy market. Deregulation means that consumers are no longer limited to the regulated rates of the utility. Energy consumers can shop around the competitive electrical service providers that offer supply rates in the area to find a plan that is well-suited to their energy needs. Competitive electrical service providers offer alternative supply rates such as a secured rate, floating rate or even a flat monthly payment.

To report a power outage, contact the utility

In the case of a power outage or another electrical problem, energy consumers should contact the utility. To do this, first, consumers must determine whether Crowsnest Pass or Fortis Alberta is their wires service provider. After which, the consumer should contact the appropriate utility to report the issue. In the event of an emergency, do not contact your supplier, as it is not in charge of the infrastructure.

Municipality of Crowsnest Pass: 403-562-2021

Fortis Alberta: 310-9473 can help you choose

No matter if you are in the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass, Fortis Alberta or another utility service area, Alberta residents can use to find a competitive energy retailer. We detail what companies offer supply in Alberta to help you do some of the research. Peruse our site to read about your options. After you do your homework, phone us to discuss what plans might be a good option for your household or business. Take advantage of Alberta's deregulated market and find a plan that fits your energy needs.


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