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Choice Energy in Alberta Is a Local Company

Choice Energy is a competitive Alberta electricity provider based in Edmonton. It is 100% locally owned and operated with a mission to deliver great service to its customers. According to Choice Energy's website, it strives to be the most respected of competitive electricity providers by offering cost effective Alberta energy supply rates for the residents and businesses of the province.

Retail Alberta energy rates without getting locked in

While this competitive Alberta electricity provider has its customers put down a refundable deposit to get lower fixed supply rates, its plans do not require them to get locked in a long-term contact. If you want to cancel your service or switch marketers, all you have to do is give 10 days' notice and Choice Energy in Alberta will let you switch without a fee. There are no enrolment fees either and fixed supply rates are guaranteed for an allotted period of time for both residents and businesses.

Supply rates to choose from

Choice Energy offers more than one fixed Alberta energy supply rate option for its customers. If a customer doesn't want to put down a security deposit, he or she can opt for a higher Alberta energy supply rate, but if a security deposit is not an issue, he or she can get a lower supply rate with interest paid at 3%. Older members of the community have the option of choosing a senior supply rate that requires a smaller deposit and is the lowest of all rates. Businesses also have Choice Energy options for electricity in Alberta, including a lower supply rate exclusively for nonprofit organizations.

Switching competitive electricity providers made easy

If a customer decides to switch competitive electricity providers for electricity in Alberta, it can be a hassle-free process. A new customer can sign up online and leave the rest to the marketer. After signing up, Choice Energy takes care of the switch by doing all of the paperwork to change the new customer over from the current Alberta energy supplier.

Online account access, for your convenience

Customers of Choice Energy never have to worry about a paper electricity bill again because all of their account information can be viewed online. From moving forms to changing rate plans, everything is accessible through the customer's online account. This saves trees as well as creates convenience for customers. They can log in to access their Alberta energy bill 24/7.

Deregulation gives you options

When Alberta energy became deregulated, customers were given the opportunity to choose who they purchase their supply from, selecting from an array of competitive electricity providers. This started with gas in the mid-1980s then electricity in Alberta opened its market in the mid-1990s. Instead of paying a utility's regulated rate, energy customers have the ability to select a plan that better fits their budget needs.

If you're looking into switching competitive electricity providers, start by browsing We were designed to help you do your research by providing information on all the competitive electricity providers available in your area. After you're done browsing, give us a call to talk about rates. You never know, we might be able to help you get an Alberta energy supply rate that better fits your needs.


Updated: 12-18-15.