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It's Easy to Get Great Alberta Commercial Rates

If you've been looking for some help navigating the market for business power, you're in luck. has made a point of addressing commercial rates as well as residential rates. There's a reason Alberta didn't limit energy deregulation to the residential sector. Getting better rates on business energy helps keep our economy afloat. If you haven't looked into the most competitive energy for business prices lately, you may be surprised at what you could be paying.

Knowing the difference between business energy rate structures

One of the most valuable aspects of energy deregulation is the variety of rate structures available with commercial electric and natural gas for business plans. Unlike regulated rate options from utilities, business energy plans from competitive marketers can have any number of rate structures attached to them. Before you choose a new business power solution, it's important to understand what each of these rate structures can mean for your bottom line.

Secured rates – This class of commercial rates provides the most predictable billing. With a secured rate you will pay the same amount per kilowatt hour. Whether your business power usage is large or small, secured rates can help you control the expenses associated with keeping the lights on.

Variable rates – Unlike secured rates, this category of commercial rates allows for more flexibility for your commercial electric or gas prices. Variable rates can rise or fall from one month to the next, depending on the overall conditions of the market. If your enterprise doesn't use much energy, having a variable rate may help you get better business prices overall because you can take advantage of market lows and simply be mindful of consumption during times of higher market pricing.

Shopping for business power

When you're ready to begin shopping around for business power plans, it's important to conduct a certain amount of due diligence. Unlike people in the market for a residential energy plan, business owners often have some negotiating power with marketers selling energy for business. The amount of negotiation a marketer is willing to do when it comes to business prices usually corresponds with your company's past consumption.

Before you sign a new energy for business agreement, make sure you've asked what the marketer you've decided on can do for you.

Going green is a great PR play

Another benefit of doing business in a deregulated area is the ease with which you can purchase a green commercial electric plan. During the past few decades renewable energy technology has not only gained popularity, it has become considerably more affordable. When you're in the market for a new energy plan for your business, you may come across a green energy option.

Going green is a good business model for several reasons. Firstly, you can feel better about the impact of your business' energy consumption. Secondly, the additional cost can be increasingly negligible.  What's perhaps most attractive about choosing a green electricity plan for your business is the positive PR you may receive as a result.

No matter how you choose to spin it, investing in renewable energy shows that your business cares about the environment, the community and the future.

Choosing a competitive natural gas plan for your business

Just as you can opt for a competitive electricity plan you can choose a natural gas for business plan as well. In fact, Alberta's natural gas market was the first to be deregulated in all of Canada! Albertans have had the opportunity to choose a competitive natural gas marketer since 1985. Natural gas plans also come with several rate structures tied to them, with many marketers offering both secured- and variable-rate options.

Taking your time

Above all else, be sure to take your time before signing up for a new energy plan for your business in Alberta. By doing research with the help of resources like and negotiating for the best rate possible, you could be able to give your company a distinct advantage over the competition. Start collecting quotes today and you'll find the energy plan you're looking for in no time!