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Brighter Futures Energy Inc.: A UTILITYnet Company

Brighter Futures Energy Inc. is a member of UTILITYnet, a group of affiliated companies that sell energy to consumers in Alberta. Brighter Futures Energy Inc. is an electricity retailer, meaning unlike your utility, the company charges you for the electricity itself. The business got its start by selling electricity to business partners, colleagues, family and friends, more than three decades ago.

This electricity supplier also incorporates an environmental focus into its company. All business processes are paperless, including contracts, billing, registration, online banking and transfer of meter reading information. If you’re looking for other ways to help the environment, consult for energy saving tips.

Brighter Futures Energy electricity plans

With an energy plan from this provider, you have the option of choosing either a floating or stable-rate. There are also no cancellation fees.

Before deregulation, Alberta consumers paid their utilities for energy. Thanks to deregulation, costs for energy itself and delivery of energy have been separated. Instead of paying the utility both of these fees, you can now shop for an electricity retailer. Competition among individual suppliers has created a variety of plans and rates for customers. By taking advantage of deregulation and searching for the best deal, you can potentially find a new rate for your family or business.

If you choose to purchase from an electricity retailer, you’ll pay the retailer a fee for the energy you consume and you’ll continue to pay your utility for transporting the energy to your home or business.

Floating Rates

There are few certainties in the energy industry. Market price is unstable because of many factors:

  • If Alberta is suddenly hit by an intense cold front, electricity prices could skyrocket once families and businesses crank up their heating units.
  • The same thing can occur with a heat wave in the summer when Alberta residents turn to air conditioners to keep cool.
  • How your electricity is made can also affect its cost. Natural gas might be a more ecofriendly source for electricity, but energy generation using coal is less expensive.

All these aspects of the business influence demand, thus you can never be too sure what to expect when it comes to market price.

Floating rates are determined based on what’s currently going on in the market. If you select a floating rate plan, then your price for energy will be based on the AESO cost for electricity. The Alberta Electric System Operator is in charge of making sure that the Alberta Interconnected Electric System, or AIES, runs smoothly. The AESO cost for energy is centered on market price. Consumers like floating rates because they can be the least expensive available. However, because of the instability of the energy market, floating rates remain vulnerable to price spikes. If Alberta experiences intense weather, you could be facing a large monthly energy bill.

Stable Rates

Stable rates, while sometimes higher than floating rates, grant you immunity from normal spikes in market price. If you choose a Brighter Futures Energy Inc. electricity plan with a stable-rate, you’ll pay the same rate for energy each month, regardless of market price. Customers who are looking for a little more predictability might prefer a stable-rate plan. Knowing how much you’re going to pay for your electricity supply rate each month can simplify creating a budget for your family or business.

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Updated: 7-22-2015