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Green Electricity from Bow Valley Power

Alberta residents seeking a greener energy alternative might be interested in Bow Valley Power. Customers can select an energy plan that uses 100% green power, meaning it is generated from clean, renewable sources. Plus, 20% of company profit supports green innovation in an effort to reduce our reliance on energy sources that are harmful to the environment.

Trust your source

  • The company has more than 30 years of expertise in data processing, billing and energy management services, so it has established its reliability.
  • Almost a quarter of profit goes toward a good cause – green innovation. The company partners with the Biosphere Institute, a nonprofit charitable society that supports a number of community and regional programs promoting sustainability and ecological integrity.

Go green

If you select 100% green power produced from clean renewable generation, you will still be buying electricity from Bow Valley Power. The difference is that renewable energy will be introduced into the electricity grid to match the amount of power you’re using in your home or business, helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

Renewable Energy: More than two-thirds of the energy in Alberta is produced from nonrenewable resources such as coal and natural gas. Renewable plants generate the rest from sources including wind, hydro and biomass. There are more than 1,000 MW of projects in progress, and during the next decade, 2,700 MW of new wind powered generation will be added to the grid.

Paperless Billing: Paperless billing also can help reduce your carbon footprint. There’s no need to waste resources such as paper, envelopes, stamps and checks when you can view and pay your bill online anytime you want. You’ll also help reduce pollution caused by paper mills and mail delivery trucks. Paperless billing is easy, convenient and better for the environment.

Increasing a demand for green power also increases the demand for renewable energy sources, which can help reduce our reliance on coal, natural gas and other fuels that are harmful to the environment. That means cleaner air and healthier people in Alberta. The benefits of going green are many.

Electricity from Bow Valley Power supports the community in Alberta

Bow Valley Power is a local company that promotes sustainable living by putting 20% of its profit toward green innovation and partnering with the Alberta Conservation Association.

  • Alberta Conservation Association: The ACA provides the opportunity for corporate donors to play a vital role in helping to protect Alberta’s natural heritage through the Corporate Partners in Conservation Program. Recently, Bow Valley Power contributed to the Alberta Conservation Association’s Enhanced Fish Stocking Program. The program is designed to restock waters where wildlife often does not make it through the winter. Thousands of rainbow trout are brought in to maintain the integrity of Alberta’s natural waters and fish populations.
  • Biosphere Institute: The Biosphere Institute uses donations from Bow Valley Power to provide community and regional programs dedicated to sustainability and ecological integrity. Ecological, economic and social research is all made possible by donated funds.

Learn more about green energy

Learn more about greener electricity from Bow Valley Power and other renewable energy retailers. Alberta’s deregulated electricity market makes it possible for consumers to choose their energy sources. By choosing a green alternative, you can help increase the need for renewable energy plants and limit consumption of coal and other harmful resources.

There are many retailers to choose from in Alberta. Environmental factors aren’t the only ones you should consider when choosing a supplier; for example, rate plans vary from company to company since the market is deregulated. Research your options, and go with the Alberta Energy Provider that’s right for you.

Updated: 7-22-2015