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ATCO Stony Plain Provides Energy Distribution

ATCO Stony Plain is part of the larger ATCO Group of Companies that includes ATCO Gas and ATCO Electric. ATCO in Stony Plain used to offer its customers energy rates in Stony Plain for supply, but after the Alberta energy market became deregulated, ATCO Gas Stony Plain and ATCO Electric Stony Plain sold their retail operations to Direct Energy Regulated Services. ATCO Stony Plain now only provides the generation and distribution of electricity and natural gas in Stony Plain. ATCO Stony Plain consumers who would like to purchase their supply at regulated rates must go through a regulated rates provider. Otherwise, ATCO utility customers may shop around the open market to find a competitive supplier with a supply rate that fits their household's or business' criteria.

ATCO Stony Plain educates the community on energy

ATCO, in Stony Plain and farther afield, offers community members opportunities to learn about energy. Its Energy Education Mobile travels to schools and community events around the province, providing students with energy education through various individual or group activities at four separate stations.

  • Alberta Energy Mix – a touch screen computer game that teaches children where Alberta energy comes from, how the energy gets to their house and how it is used.
  • Electricity: Using it Wisely – an activity that allows students to use a scanner to evaluate the electricity use of different household items.
  • Heat: Keeping it in – a game that teaches children about areas of heat loss and air leaks around the home through arrow magnets on a large magnet board house.
  • Efficiency Detective – an activity that reinforces what students have learned at the previous stations. This activity compiles this knowledge to teach children to identify energy saving opportunities. can provide assistance

If you're a customer of ATCO Electric Stony Plain or ATCO Gas Stony Plain, you have the opportunity to choose from an array of energy suppliers with competitive rates. This is because Alberta has a deregulated energy market. If the regulated rates provided by Direct Energy Regulated Services for ATCO customers do not work for your budget, you have the ability to shop around and find a supply rate from a competitive energy supplier that fits the needs of your household or business. tries to make this easier for you. Peruse our website to get an idea of what companies offer supply in your area. Then, call us to chat about rates. Shopping for a new provider can become a headache. Let us help you find a rate that fits your needs!

Stony Plain Area Cities and Towns

AchesonAlberta BeachBusbyCalahoo
Lancaster ParkMorinvilleOnowayRiviere Qui Barre
Spring LakeSpruce GroveThorsbyWabamun

Source: Updated: 12-10-15