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AltaGas Is a Utility for Natural Gas in Alberta

AltaGas is a public natural gas utility for 90 communities in the Alberta province. This means that AltaGas Alberta is the default supplier for these communities. This utility employs approximately 200 people across Alberta, who, according to its website, are experts in their line of work. AltaGas Alberta is part of the AltaGas Utilities Group – which is a part of AltaGas Ltd. AltaGas distributes natural gas to nearly 72,000 customers. AltaGas Ltd. owns and operates pipelines in Alberta, British Columbia and Nova Scotia. Because it is a utility, Altagas energy rates are regulated by the Alberta Utilities Commission.

Regulated natural gas rates follow the market value of the commodity and can change frequently. These kinds of rates may not always be the best fit for the needs of an energy consumer. Thanks to deregulation, however, utilities are no longer the only option for supply.

AltaGas Alberta is committed to safety

According to its website, this utility is devoted to the health and safety of its employees and the general public. It wants to make sure it creates a safe work environment that poses no threats to employees or the public. AltaGas Alberta natural gas employees are expected to follow all government health and safety rules.

AltaGas Alberta and Alberta energy deregulation

Prior to deregulation, residents of the communities AltaGas Alberta serves could only purchase their natural gas from this utility at regulated supply rates. Following the deregulation of the natural gas market in the mid-1980s, AltaGas energy rates were not the only option. Various competitive Alberta gas companies went into business, each of them offering alternative supply rates. If an AltaGas Alberta customer does not prefer regulated supply rates, he or she now has the ability to shop around competitive Alberta gas companies to find a supply rate that may better fit the needs of his or her home or business. can help you choose

Because Alberta has a deregulated natural gas market, finding the right competitive gas supplier for your home or business can be quite the task. There is an array of marketers to choose from – all with their own rates and incentives. was developed to aid you along your journey. We've written about the many gas suppliers that offer service in your area. We also have a team of energy specialists, available by phone, who would be happy to help you find a plan that works for you. Give us a call! Make sure you are getting a supply plan that is well-suited to your energy needs.

Source: Updated: 12-10-15