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Choosing a Competitive Spruce Grove Electric Provider

If you are a Spruce Grove electricity consumer, you are lucky to be living in a deregulated electricity market. Before deregulation, Spruce Grove electricity consumers only had one option when it came to Spruce Grove electricity rates on supply – the utility. Utility supply rates are regulated, meaning they are set by the Alberta Utilities Commission and fluctuate with the market value of Spruce Grove electricity. Now that the market has opened, alternative rates on supply are available from a variety of competitive electric companies. These competitive energy companies in Spruce Grove offer a variety of supply rates that may be a better fit for a home or business.

Choosing the best Spruce Grove electricity rates for your needs

Looking for a competitive power company can get confusing. There are many rates available. Choosing a supply plan and electric provider is personal to the needs of a home or business. Before you begin searching for rates, take some time to understand what options are out there.

  • Floating supply rates are a great option for consumers who prefer to pay the true market value of the commodity. These rates vary with the market value of Spruce Grove electricity and can change on a regular basis.
  • Stable supply rates are best for consumers who look for consistency. Stable rates allow consumers to pay the same amount per kWh for the duration of their plan, no matter if the market value of electricity fluctuates. Some energy companies in Spruce Grove will even let customers secure an agreed upon monthly price for as long as five years.
  • Green energy product options are available from certain competitive electric companies. Green energy product options options give consumers the ability to balance out their carbon footprint from energy use. Some Spruce Grove electric companies will even allow their customers to offset 100% of their energy use!

The same Spruce Grove electricity service

It doesn't matter what competitive power company a consumer decides to purchase his or her supply from, the transmission of the electricity will remain the same. Even in a deregulated market, the utility still handles distribution. This is why Spruce Grove electricity rates for delivery appear on every bill. These utility delivery rates remain regulated by the Alberta Utilities Commission. Consumers need not worry that their service will be compromised if they switch to a competitive electric provider for a different supply rate.

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We know it can be difficult to find a competitive power company that meets your needs. Because the Alberta energy market is deregulated, there're many options when it comes to electric companies' supply plans. That's where we come in. was designed to help you do your research and understand some of the options available in your area. If you'd like to chat about plans, give us a buzz and we'll be happy to guide you toward a plan that may meet your energy needs.